Think Globally, Teach Locally: TESOL in our Backyards

Welcome to the SFSU Spring MATESOL 2015 Conference website!


This biannual conference is an important tradition of the MA TESOL program.  The graduating class of Spring 2015 presents a conference to share their culminating projects, based  on an accumulation of knowledge that they have accumulated over their time in the program with the wider community of English teachers.

Our theme, “Think Globally, Teach Locally: TESOL in our Backyards,” reflects the idea that no matter where we go to teach, we will be able to draw from our training at San Francisco State University and adapt it to the particular needs of our teaching environment.

Thank you for attending!

-The Graduates

Conference date: Friday, May 8, 2015 @ Humanities Building 587
Registration begins at 9:00 AM
Registration fee: $5

Please visit http://www.sfsu.edu/~matesol/ to learn more about our program.

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